National Party (Uruguay)

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National Party
Partido Nacional

Luis Alberto Héber

Manuel Oribe

August 10, 1836; 180 years ago (1836-08-10)

Juan Carlos Gómez 1384, Montevideo

Uruguayan nationalism,
Liberal conservatism,
Economic liberalism[1]
Internal factions:
 • Herrerism
 • Wilsonist Current

Political position

International affiliation
Centrist Democrat International (observer)

Regional affiliation


Chamber of Deputies

32 / 99


10 / 30

Party flag


Politics of Uruguay
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The National Party (Spanish: Partido Nacional, PN), also known as the White Party (Spanish: Partido Blanco), is a major right-wing conservative political party in Uruguay, currently the major opposition party to the ruling Frente Amplio government.


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It was formed on 10 August 1836. Together with the liberal Colorado Party, it is one of the two traditional groupings dating back to the nineteenth century. Manuel Oribe was its founder. In the civil war of 1864–65 it was ousted by the Colorados who were in power until 1958. In 1872 the party changed its name from White Party (Spanish: Partido Blanco) to National Party.
During the mid-20th century a very peculiar phenomenon occurred: a splinter group known as Independent National Party was active between 1931 and 1959 but, although they were de facto a separate party, they permanently insisted that “there is only one National Party”.
2004 elections[edit]
At the 2004 national elections, the National Party won 36 seats out of 99 in the Chamber of Deputies and 11 seats out of 31 in the Senate. Its presidential candidate, Jorge Larrañaga, obtained the same day 35.1% of the valid, popular vote.
2009 elections[edit]
At the 2009 national elections, the National Party won 31 seats out of 99 in the Chamber of Deputies and 9 seats out of 31 in the Senate. Its presidential candidate, Luis Alberto Lacalle, obtained on October 25 29.07% of the valid, popular vote

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